Anonymous Media Smarters is a custom app based on the original Smarters app. It’s one of the easiest and more well-known apps available. This app can be installed on any Android phone, Firestick, or Android TV device.

When opening the app for the first time, you will be brought to this screen.

Enter the name of the service under ANY NAME and then type in your login info. After that is finished, click on ADD USER. 

Select your account.

It will begin downloading all of the content from our service.

This is the main screen when opening the app. Click on the settings icon at the top right.

Now click on Gernal Settings

From here, uncheck the AutoStart on Bootup

And Save Changes

Now click Player Settings

Make sure to use Hardware Decoder at all times and click Save Changes

Now we will change the default player for better compatibility with streams. Click External Players

Add Player

Select VLC Player. If you do not have VLC Player, install it from our store and come back to this step.

Click ADD to confirm adding the player 

Now select Player Selection

Change the default player for Movies, Series, Catch Up, and Recordings to VLC. You can change it for Live and Live TV with Guide but it may load slower. It won’t hurt anything though and could make it stream better

Now we need to install the guide. Click on Guide

Wait for the app to download the TV Guide. 

Now you can either watch TV from Guide and get a more traditional layout or you can watch it from Live TV and get an easy layout that still shows the guide.