DeviAfter you get your Device, you will need to plug it in and make sure to use the included power adapter instead of the USB on the back of the TV. This will ensure it has enough power for the device.

After it’s powered on and you have the TV set to the corresponding HDMI, you will need to connect the device to your router. Some devices will automatically take you to your available networks but if it doesn’t then follow these steps.

Go to settings at the top right.

Now scroll to Network & Internet. My device shows it’s connected to a network already but yours won’t. 

Now under Available networks, you should see your WiFi network to connect to. Find it and click on it to connect. If it requires a password, it will have you type it in. 

Now that you are connected to the internet, you will be able to use the device as normal.

The main app programmed on the device for the TV service is Anonymous Media Smarters.

LIVE TV will be used for watching Live TV, MOVIES will be used for Movies, and SERIES will be used for Series. We don’t currently have anything under CATCH UP, GUIDE will be used to download the EPG or TV guide and is also used for a more traditional TV layout, and MULTI can be used to watch multiple channels at once. 

If you use MULTI, each channel will be a connection. If you only have 1 connection then you cant use MULTI and if you do then your account will be flagged and removed. So if you have 4 connections then you can use up to 4 channels at the same time with MULTI but that means no other device can be used while you are watching TV.

The app should be set up when you get it but for any reason it’s not, click on the GUIDE to install the TV Guide data. 

Each time you open the app, it should automatically connect to our servers and download our playlist. This is needed for any new content we add to the service. It is important to update the playlist each time you want to use the service. For example, if we have a PPV event coming on but you don’t see the PPV category then you will need to refresh the playlist. 

To do so manually, select LIVE TV and then select the three dots stacked on top of each other at the top right. 

From here, click on Refresh Channels, Movies and Series. 

Select YES to confirm.

And you should see this screen when it is refreshing the playlist to download any new content. 

The other important app to use is called Anonymous Cinema. This app is my clone of Cinema HD but I pay for access to premium servers and this allows you to get premium links on movies and series that may not be on our service yet. 

The Movies and TV shows are separate and each option has multiple categories to find different content. This app scrapes the internet for different links on every show and movie. Sometimes you may get links that don’t show the correct video and sometimes you won’t find any links at all. We have no control over the content for this app except to offer premium links for what’s available.

To watch a movie or show, find the content you want to watch and click on it. 

The TV shows will show the seasons and episodes but Movies will bring you to this screen. The yellow links can take a few seconds to populate but they are the premium links that shouldn’t buffer. White links are normal links and they can buffer depending on the source and how many people are using it. 

To play the video, just click on of the links and it will load into the video. If it isn’t the right video or if there are any problems,  there are usually multiple links to choose from.

Sometimes the audio in the video will be in another langauge. To change this to your desired language, pause the video and let this screen pop up. 

Scroll to the left and click on the highlighted option as shown. This is the sign for subtitles and language.

This menu will pop up and if there are any additonal audio files or Subtitles then you can select them here.